Al Capone Does My Shirts
          By: Will B, Gabe F, and Karun H.

                      Book Summary

  This book is about a boy named Matthew Flanagan who moves to Alcatraz because they're trying to find a better school for his sister Natalie who is smart but to others seem dumb because of the way she acts. On Alcatraz there are famous cons on the island such as Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. So, Matthew doesn't want to live there now.

                     Character Analyses

Moose-blonde curly hair, getting very tall, is the main character of the book. He lives on Alcatraz island , where his father is an electrician. He is funny, but can be serious. He likes baseball, and is good at it, he's athletic to. He has a sister named Natalie. She is very smart but just doesn't show it. He also likes to follow the rules but sometimes gets pushed into breaking the rules.

Natalie- dirty blonde hair, small, very smart but acts dumb, smaller than Moose but is older, loves and is obsessed with buttons. Her favorite thing to read is an index,

                 Compare and Contrast

We are comparing Moose's sister Natalie To Kevin from Freak the Mighty. Some similarities are both have a problem with there body. Like Natalie is a teenager but acts like she is 8 or 10 and Kevin is 12 years old and has moroquio syndrome and is really small. Also both don't live in nice places according to the books.

There differences are that Natalie is older and lives on an island with the most dangerous criminals in the world, while freak lives with his mom and loves King Arthur and his Nights. Also Natalie is "dumb" according to the book and Freak is very smart.

                      Alcatraz Facts

Alcatraz was a federal prison off the coast of the San Francisco Bay. It was an operating prison from 1934-1963. It held the most dangerous prisoners in the world like gangster Al Capone/( A.K.A- Scarface ) and Murderer Robert Stroud/( A.K.A- Birdman ). Nobody has ever escaped from Alcatraz but dozens have tried. Alcatraz was nicknamed The Rock and was shut down due to to high operating costs and now it is a popular historic tourist destination.


                        Al Capone Facts

Alphonse Gabriel Capone was born on January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn New York to Italian Immigrants. He was a gangster that did crimes such as bootlegging liquor, and smuggling. Capone became involved in gang activity at a young age after being expelled from school at age 14 for hitting a female teacher in the face. He was known as the hero during the prohibition era in the U.S. One of the violence activities that crashed his reputation was the St. Valentines Day Massacre. Al Capone got his nickname Scarface from a compliment to this woman that was a little inappropriate. Her brother that was with her then slashed Capone in his face with a blade that left a scar on his cheek to his neck.



                      Theme and Mood

The theme of this book is life on Alcatraz as a seventh grader that learns criminals can be friendly. The mood of the book is adventurous because they explore all around Alcatraz. They also tell lies about Al Capone which are exciting and entertaining. Also it's adventurous because in one part they are trying to get close to Al Capone and they have to hide and try not to be seen.

         Examples of Figurative Language

"Hers are green like marbles"- This means Natalie's eyes are green and is a Metaphor on page 11
"So close to the city of San Francisco, I can  hear them call them call the score on the baseball game on Mariana Green. Okay,not that close." It is a hyperbole on page 3, meaning that it is close but not THAT close

"My face burns, like my ears are two heaters attached to my head. On page 43. This means he was embarrassed.


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