Emma Stone

By. Francesca Pensotti

The Life of an Actress

Emma Stone is an actress. She has been in Easy A, (Crazy, Stupid, Love), The Help, The Amazing Spider-man, and etc.Emma Stone won a teen choice award for Easy A. She won a couple People's Choice awards. And a few MTV movie awards!

This is a picture of Emma Stone and Aly Michalka in Easy A.

Something you probably didn't know is that Emma Stone can sing! When she was younger she would do a lot of Theatre/Musical work where she lived!

This is a video of Emma Stone singing "We Belong." (Stop at 22 Seconds)

Emma's Personal Life

The picture above is Emma Stone and her reccent boyfriend, Andrew Garfield.

She was born November 6, 1988. She has two parents, Krista & Jeff Stone. She only has one sibling named Spencer Stone!

She dropped out of school at 15 to persue her dream as an actress. Her mom homeschooled her, after she dropped out of school!

Her hair is originally blonde. But, sometimes she likes to dye it red for movies, and etc.


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