Sentry: my king I am a fool for doing this but I have to tell you no matter what
Cargos: What you got to tell me you fool?
Sentry : I had no idea who did this why would they do this?!
Cargos: that who will do what get to the point.
Sentry: something awful happend I can't think of a way to put it.
Cargos: tell me now or you be dead.
Sentry: the dead guy,Polymeices- someone was stupid enough to buy him.
Cargos: what who did this crime tell me now.
Sentry: something bad happend my king.
Cargos: so you telling me that I was paying you for nothing.
Sentry: I don't know who would want to die this bad.i can't imagine who could do this without leaving any kind of trace.
Cargos:your very voice distress.
Sentry: may I talk my king?
Cargos: by God,he wants to analyze me now!
Sentry: are you sure it is my voice or just me?
Cargos: you talk to much
Sentry: it's not what's been said its what they did.
Cargos: only thing you done was not your job.
Sentry: maybe I do talk to much but I just said the truth.
Cargos: bring him

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3 years ago

You're missing quite a bit of the content that is necessary. Also, I do expect that you read your work for capitalization and punctuation.