"Fighting To Be Somebody"

"The Contender"

-The book is about a kid, named Alfred, who decides to become a fighter, because he wants to become "somebody."

-Alfred has been raised in a church his whole life, and has always been taught right from wrong. He must now decide for himself what he wants to do with his life.

-His best friend James started hanging out with Major and Hollis and became a heroin addict.

-After breaking into a store, James suddenly disappears and his friend Alfred finds him in a cave at the end of the story, and promises to help him.

-Throughout the story, James is having to hide from some gang members named Major and Hollis, because they know that he can help them break into the local Epstein's store.

-By the end of the story, Alfred discovers that he doesn't have to fight to become "someone special."

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