computer viruses

by; T. Taylor

Computer viruses are  harmful things that can mess up your hardware and software that can delete your stuff on your computer,smartphone,laptop and tablet. Here are some steps to prevent getting a virus. Step 1. Don't click on an ad that just pops up out of no where. Step 2. Don't accept anything thing that some random person gives you on  G-mail,E-mail, or whatever other type of website. Step 3. Don't open up any image that pops up. Step 3. Don't accept anything that your not shore of. Step 4. Make shore everything on your computer is locked and protected. Last but not least. Step 5. Don't click on anything that just pops up.                                                                                                                               Slammer/sapphire is the #5 top viruses in the world. The slammer/sapphire has destroyed over 1 billion dollars in South Korea and has brought down several important systems across the water in South Korea. And here is one of the worst viruses is ; The Jerusalem it happens every Friday the 13th it destroys the data on victims computers hard drive.     And my 3 pictures are from the takk search.                                                                                                        

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