Citric Acid

By Victoria Ikonen,Kaitlyn baudien, Hannah mckinney

Citric Acid is oftenly used in drinks,soda, candy, foods, and some fruits. Also found in Sour Patch Kids, and found in the United States. Also found in jams and jellies. Citric acid is also a sour salt and a weak organic acid. And is also a preservetive and also causes tooth decay. Citric Acid can give the human body energy. Also found in washing detergent and nail polish. Produced with the help of special mold, and too much can cause harmful affects. Added to dish water detergent and metal polish because it works as an abrasive. Used in both dish detergent and food. As sour salt is in a lot of sertain junk foods, you can get rotten teeth at the case of too much. Some sour salt is good, though because lemons and limes are vitamin c.

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