Market /Research

Market Research- Asking what the customers want. e.g survey, interviews,questionnaires

Primary Research- Research personally found out. e.g questionnaires, surveys, focus group. (FIELD RESEARCH)

Secondary Research- Information that already exists. e.g internet, books. (DESK RESEARCH)

Marketing Mix- 4PS- Place,Price,Promotion,Product. Must be a balance of all 4 to be successful.

What customers want?- High quality, accessible, availability, price, style/design.

What is the market like? - Competition in finding a gap in the market, seeing the available interests.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Primary Research;


Know what the customers want


Created yourself.



Questions could be too open

Takes time and money

Might not be the data needed

People could make deliberate mistakes on some answers

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Secondary Research?


Easy and quick

Reliable data




Not the data needed

out of date information

Can be wrong

Market research affects marketing mix?

I think market research does affect the marketing mix as we need to know what the customers want which can be found using market research; primary and secondary, without the research we wouldn't know how to balance the 4ps from the market research  which needs to balanced in order to be successful, we have to find out the price the customers are willing to pay, the product they want, and the places they shop so we know where to sell the product in order for it to be successful. And finding out the research from either primary or secondary sources they would know exactly how to promote the product e,g social media, print, posters, billboards, adverts, teaser trailers. Therefore market research does affect the marketing mix.

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Your work shows some real positives…

Detail detail detail!
Understanding is excellent!

In terms of Literacy and Presentation, your work is as follows…

Spelling - Excellent
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Grammar - Excellent
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Understanding of topic - Good
Application (real life / news / examples) -Poor
Analysis (detailed explanation / how / why) - Good
Evaluation (pros and cons weighed up and concluded) - N/A
Presentation (use of images / layout / style) - Satisfactory

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Added a real life Business eg or two!
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