Steve Bullock

The governor of Montana
Located next to Idaho & North and South Dakota

Biography of Steve Bullock

Steve Bullock was born in Missoula, Montana but grew up in Helena. He graduated high school from Helena and then went on to Claremont McKenna College where he received his undergraduate degree and then Columbia Law School in New York and there got his law degree. Before being the Governor of Montana, he served as a chief legal counsel to Montana Secretary of State Mike Cooney, which he worked for four years. Steve Bullock announced on September 7, 2011 that he would be running in the race for governor. On January 7,2013 Steve Bullock and his Lieutenant Governor, John Walsh were sworn in.

Senator's Job: A U.S. senator is an elected member of Congress. Whoever it is serves a six year term. The House of Representatives and the Senate make up Congress. Members of both groups are elected by the people of their home state. Each state elects two people to serve in the Senate. The number of people elected to the House depends on the population of the state.

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