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Writing a Resume

  Name __________________________

Assignment:  Assume the role of someone seeking summer employment or meaningful experience and, using factual information, produce a usable resume.

_______Step One:  Prewriting  (Due _______________________) 5 points

1. Brainstorm a list that thoroughly represents your work experience (paid, volunteer, and home responsibilities) education, honors, hobbies, interests, skills/strengths and extracurricular activities.

  Examples of skills: (strong math skills, good driver, capable of heavy lifting, strong computer skills, capable of website maintenance, strong communication skills, good with children, multi-lingual skills, etc.)

  Examples of activities: athletics, clubs, organizations, service projects (March of Dimes walkathon participant), etc.

  Examples of interests: (reading, writing poetry, drawing, running, yoga, helping others, playing the guitar, critiquing movies, working on cars, etc.)  Note:  It is probably not a good idea to include "socializing with friends" on your resume unless your job involves socializing.

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