Greek god of medicine.

Hermes is the Greek god of medicine.

Hermes' roman name is Mercury.

Hermes is practically a superhuman, he has not aged since he hit adulthood.  He is immune to harm and has super speed. He can lift over 35 tons and can run and fly just under the speed of light. He can also appear invisible.

Family relationships:

Hermes doesn't have that large of a family but he has just enough to call it a family. His father is Zeus  the god of the sky and Maia.

by: Julie Glover


Every god has symbol, since Hermes has superhuman ability of super speed his symbol is like the cross country symbol. It is a winged foot and or sandal. I know see why cross country teams use this symbol only it's a sneaker instead because it represents speed and cross country is all about running so Hermes' symbol is still used today.

Hermes' other symbol is the caduceus, which is the symbol used in the medical field. This is one of his symbols because he is the god of medicine.

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Fun Facts

Hermes was born inside a cave on Mount Cyllene.

Hermes is 5'11, he weighs 520 pounds, and his eyes are blue.

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