Improving the dropout rates in Quebec

To: Mr. Fran├žois Blais

25 April 2015

Dear Mr. Blais, minister of education,

Considering the latest measures of the government aiming to reduce the debts of our province, I would like to suggest ways to improve our society and to help it unleash its full potential. As a province, we need to realign our priorities and concentrate on education.

Education is a value that is in the center of our society's evolution and development. In fact, the future of our province depends on the knowledge that students will be learning in school.

As you know, we are faced with an important issue of school dropouts and an impressive number of young adults that start their professional lives without important skills: such as the ability to write well. We think that some measures need to be adopted in order to reduce the number of school dropouts.

First of all, parents need to be informed of the essential role they are playing in their child's success. Parents act as models and that's why they need to be a positive influence and a motivator for their child. Publicity campaigns would be a very effective way to show the effects of their presence in the education process.

Also, schools need to be attractive for the students. Since students spend several years in school: it's very important for them to be motivated by the school in which they are studying. Investing in sports, artistic programs and building a school life that lets the student express his creativity and helps him create a sense of leadership, are the best ways to keep our young adults at school.

Finally, special programs need to be created in order to give young adults that dropped-out an opportunity to get back in school and obtain a degree. Some of these schools already exist but their goals should be redefined. They must also help the students that have learning problems or that just don't fit in a regular school.

It's by making compromises and by working as a team that we will unleash our society's full potential. A new perspective needs to be considered in order to improve the budget and reduce the debts. We must invest in the long term and focus on creating a future that will be strong and educated.

Yours sincerely

Philippe Moisan


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