Microblogging is the effective method for learners

Microblogging is the kind of blogging that allows users to publish short text, photo or video materials. Notes in a micro-blog can be read either by all or by a limit circle of readers who are consented to read the micro-blog. The notes can be added as by the traditional method - through the web site of service of micro-blogs, or by means of SMS/MMS, by e-mail or through services of instantaneous messages.

The micro-blog differs from any customary blog by that its notes are far less and consist of few words or sentences and contain a one photo or media file. The aim of conduction of the micro-blog is to inform friends or colleagues about events that take place in life of user.

About the transcendence of the micro-blog as a resource for expansion of educational possibilities reasons tells respondents the kettyediting company. It would be very adjuvant, as a problem of ill-timed access to information remains today, not having regard on development of technological devices. It also will let universities to promote the level of intercourse between teachers and students that also will influence on an educational process positively.

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