Ubiquitous Apps

Create a broadcast-style, interactive video.

Browse: Tutorials and Examples (Examples on pg 13-15)

Create an interactive image by inserting links to various media.

At this time, there is no history feature on ThingLink, so you would not be able to know who posted which links.  Only one person can edit a ThingLink at a time.

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Create a 30-second video with an avatar and a custom background.

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Have conversations and create assignments around pieces of text (ebooks, PDFs, web articles, etc).

Browse: FreeTech4Teachers Review

Create content-specific collections of school-appropriate materials (videos, articles, etc.), quizzes and questions.

Browse: Collection Examples

Create a layer of augmented reality by overlaying a video over any image

Browse: Examples, Tutorials

Basic editing, cropping, labeling, highlighting, blurring (think kid's faces or personal info, license plate)

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Create a video to show thinking processes with a whiteboard.

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(iPhone app) Create a 30-second voice recording and generate a link with this simple app


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