The Lazy Person's Guide For People Who Really Hate Cleaning

I really hate cleaning, there are so many interesting things I could be doing instead. And second, when you clean something, it just gets dirty all over again. So I think cleaning is a boring and horrible chore. But you know what's worse than cleaning - stressing out all the time because your house is dirty. So what's a lazy woman to do in that case?

I want my home to stay clean, but I don't want to go crazy keeping it that way. Being the lazy person that I am, I’ve developed my own personal tricks for keeping a clean house without losing my mind in the process. Behold …

Set a Cleaning Time

This idea is very simple. What I do is I set a timer for ten minutes and I get to washing the pile of dishes. And after this time I move on to cleaning the rest of the kitchen, and it really doesn’t seem so bad. But hiring house cleaners gives you time to focus on your family and hobbies. I do a part of my housekeeping myself each day, but once a week I hire a cleaning company. And I really like this domestic cleaning staff that I found in Melbourne, because my home is up to my standards all the time.

Keep Cleaning Supplies on The Right Places

I really hate cleaning, so if I have to troop downstairs to get the Windex, the mirrors are not going to get cleaned today. But I keep two bottles of Windex at all times: one in the bathroom, and the other in the kitchen. I have a dustpan and broom set in the same rooms too. All this makes cleaning my home very easy and I am way happier that way.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Two months ago I was getting the house ready for a party. At the time my boyfriend was helping and he cleaned the bathroom mirror in about twenty seconds. There was left a few little spots but they don't matter. Just try to miss the small things because your guest don't arrive in your home to inspect it for marks.


The number one secret to clutter busting is drawers. My rooms are full of all kinds of trinkets and other completely useless things laying around on the kitchen countertop or on the floor of my guest room. And I know I should arrange them, but I can't find place for them. If you hate cleaning as well and you are lazy like me, you need drawers, a lot of them. Maybe one drawer in every room will be of big help to your housekeeping. Can't figure out where something goes, just put it in the drawer and that is all.

Make It Fun

I hate cleaning-type tasks, but I love to drink beer when I return at home after a long day at work. So drink a glass of beer while you wash the dishes or turn on the music and make a party out of the tedious cleaning.