Ancient Japan art and culture

There is much peace in japan

The Japanese Nobles moved to hein with the emperor and lived near him to win his favor but they didn't care about the people of heian the nobles of the court and the nobles lives were so easy and detached from the city they called themselves the "dwellers among the clouds" they also loved beauty and elegance. Many of the nobles were great supporters of the arts making the Heian a great center of culture.

The nobles loved fashion and they started with themselves trying to set a trend with the people their fashion consisted of silk robes and gold jewlrey they loved elaborate outfits.  The women wore elaborate gowns made of 12 layers of colored silk.  Their literature was very important to them writing was very popular to the nobles especially the women. They wrote diaries about their lives in court. Their visual art was also important to the nobles their most famous parts of  their arts were paintings calligraphy and architecture.  

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