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Bar Graph Done by: Ali'ce Batten

Pie Chart

There are no 1's.

The problems I have identified concerning transportation include the following:



and Arriving in a timely manner.

The Solution is a high-speed train

The inside of this high-speed bullet train contains comfortable padded seats with a wonderful massaging built inside the chair. There are tables in which you can pull down and over for a meal or you can use the reading light attached to the seat for in- the -dark reading. $3.00 per adult, $2.25 per senior citizen (60 and over), 1.75 per child ages 7-12, $1.00 for ages 4-6, and toddlers/ infants are free (13 and up are adults).

Based upon this graph, even though I only interviewd ten people, the majority would not make any changes to my new product. However, a few participants insisted that one or two changes should be made (like adding a studio and a basket ball court inside of the train) to fit the entertainment interest of the passengers. I think that my new transportation could work realistically if the train fare wasn't so low, but unfortunately, not with this economy.