The Aztecs

The Aztecs are uncertain where they began in time but they have migrated through the valley of Mexico and they would rule until spanish conquest. They had been legends about them about that when they arrived in Mexico Valley the other people has been moved to a snake infested region. The Aztecs Worshiped the god of war and sun also a supreme god called Quetzalcoatl that has a direct impact in most peoples lives. They had a strong empire and also had at least 4 million Aztecs living in there territory and had a Good political and social structures.

Map Of Where The Aztecs Lived

Timeline Of The Aztecs

How Did They Dress

The Aztecs Barley covered themselves with such a small partial of there body like below the waist down also used some jewelry and some self made cloths out of anything they find or hunt. They wear like leather clothes and skin to cover there parts and some were just naked, i think but they wore clothes but they just used it to cover there parts and as armor but not good armor.

What Did They Eat

They ate what they could hunt like grew crops like corn and beans and squash. They grew chillies, tomatoes, limes, cashews, potatoes, peanuts, and chocolate which is all of these we eat today. They ate meat and eggs also hunted fish and deer and rabbits, but the most common is turkey and duck, they ate also insects which is nasty but i heard they have protein.

How Did They Get Food

They grew there food and hunted for them but they usually harvested it but if it was a big tribe i think they would hunt big animals to feed there people. But most common is that they grew there own food to make meals like to day like rice with beans and meats and also to the most famous taco.

What Did There Warriors Look Like

There warriors looked fierce and strong but they looked like hunters, they looked like natives now with all the jewelry and piercings. They became warriors at the age of 17 and began training for combat, they were ranked and they rise in ranks like in the military. They looked like this in this photo i put up... in someways but thats what they looked liked that.

What Were Their Cities Like

There cities were usually where the pyramids they made like the pyramid was the center of the city where the worshiped and sacrificed people to the gods. There cities were crowded with slaves working and people selling goods probably in the center of the city was where the pyramid is.

How Many People Lived In Their Civilization

Many people lived in the civilization like 4 million people (i think that would include slaves but i'm not sure) but some where there own people and some were merchants and people looking to sell stuff and leave. There were mostly slaves to work and sacrifice for gods because they thought they can please them by sacrificing other people and spilling the blood of those who died. There are more people tho cause they sell, make, grow things to keep the economy going and there people alive so yea thats how many people where there at the time until spanish conquers came and attacked and that left at least 1 million left. Wow what a difference to 4 million to 1, many died cause of disese and some by battle and work.

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