Rap culture is one of the most interesting sub-cultures in the entertainment industry.First, a lot of entertainment industries try to capitalize of the true greatness of rap culture, which has many genres & backgrounds.Rap allows people to be themselves through expression of the life circumstances of surviving in what reality truly is.Of course some may say it has a negative influence on society,& an underground alienated genre of culture.However through living circumstances such poverty as well as riches,& well being give off a passion.Therefore rap is good to be passionate about due to the fact of everyone needing hope or a cause in life it is a great form of art & expression!

One reason you can express yourself through rap.There is more than one type of rap sub-cultures.And rap culture & music is about the emotion of the streets or anything really.You may very well gain confidence.

Obviously you don't have to listen to the same subjects most rap artists speak of but there is other types of rap culture & sub-culture.Some people still think that rap is negative music or just don't enjoy the culture of rap.Rap culture may very well be dangerous.The topics or lifestyles of some rap artists & the culture can possibly result in conflict if not done properly.

Still rap & the culture behind it are great forms of expression & art. If your investing your time into the culture you have the choice to choose which type of rap sub-culture you prefer you may learn diverse new knowledge.You may very well possibly learn new things about yourself.Rap culture motivates many to achieve high plateaus of success."What you think is what you become" - Buddha.

In short, Rap & Rap culture is an enlightening journey to the realities of the world.You do not cause any one harm by enjoying rap culture.Rap is not always about diamonds & flashy cars. There are some with knowledge Rap is happiness to many. At the end any one can join the culture.

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