Mini Project: The British in India

By: Sanjay Ramakrishnan
History 8A


The British Were Harmful Because...

1) They devastated India's economy. The British east India company took all of India's handicrafts for themselves, only allowing them to export raw materials. The British also added high taxes to all purchases from them.

2) They took over India's government and gave Indians no responsibility for their country. This angered the Indians so much that under Gandhi, they overthrew the British. Surprisingly, the revolution was one of the most nonviolent in the history of the world. His first major action against the British was making his own salt from the ocean. Gandhi and his followers were put in jail, but that did not stop him. Eventually, Gandhi won independence.

3) They stopped religious practices and tried to convert the Indians to Christian. The British had no right to interfere with the Indian's or anyone's beliefs. The Indians can believe what they want, and the British can do so too. The two religions should not be allowed to conflict. Also, the British had no right to force the Indians to eat beef and/or pork.


The religious practices they stopped were inhumane like sati, the killing of upper-class women when their husbands died. These women were killed in barbaric ways, like burning on their husband's funeral pyre or being drowned.

Counter the counter argument

Stopping inhumane religious practices does not excuse converting the Hindus and Muslims to Christian. The British could have at least let the Indians keep their current religion. Finally, this still does not excuse forcing the Indians, especially the Sepoys (Indian soldiers that fight for the British) to eat beef and pork. This is why they rebelled.

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3 years ago

Your project is amazing and you did a fantastic job- bonaquisha foshayn

3 years ago

I think that you did a really nice job explaining your reasons. Next time I would have 1 or 2 more counter arguments ~ Madison

3 years ago

Good job you picked a side and made it clear which side you were on. The writing was clear to me but it would have helped me understand if you have more pictures. Pictures would have kept me focus and loving it. But you did a great job and that is the only flaw I could find. GREAT JOB!
-tyler dunn