Slim was holding the right side of his face, it started to swell up and turn bright red, he rushed across the room of the bunkhouse to his dresser and saw at the corner of his eye Curlys wife, sitting alone at the table where they all played cards with a beer bottle in her handcrying. He tried to avoid her by looking on his dresser for his pills only to find soap, powder and razors. Then suddenly he hears his pill bottle roll of the table and hit the floor, he immediatly looked over to find that Curlys wife had taken them. She gets up to pick them up from off the floor and trips over her dress and hits her head on the black stove knocking herself out. Slim did not want to pick scraps with Curly if he found his wife passed out on the floor of the bunkhouse, so he rassels her over his shoulder quickly and begins to clear out when he hears someone opening the wooden latch of the door, he panics and throws Curlys wife out of the window and jumps out after her. He grabs her from up off the ground and attempts to bring her back to her house when he runs into Lennie who continously asks whats wrong with Curlys wife over and over again. Slim just tells him he's in a bit of a ratrap and to go away, and with that said he did. By this time Slim is finally at Curlys house and has made his way into curlys wifes room. He now lays her on the bed and thinks to himself, "I ain't takin' the rap for this," and as soon as he begins to leave Curlys wife wakes up and turns over to face him. She begs him to stay, mumbling a whole bunch of words he cant seem to make out. Slim replys, "I ain't pickin no fight with Curly, youre just poison, no good can come out of anything you do, you the one that got me tangled up in this mess, I ain't stayn." Right after that Slim left not listening to what she was saying and anxiously headed back to the bunkhouse thinking, "I ain't got the poop for this anymore."

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