Google Tricks

Trick One: Timer

Google can be a timer, allowing you to know when to take something out of the oven. Type in "set timer' and how long you want it to last, and you're good.

Trick 2: Tip Calculator

Google can help you figure out exactly how much to tip with it's tip calculator. Just type in "tip calculator".

Trick 3: Sunset/Sunrise

If you want to know what time the sun will rise/set in your area, just time in sunset or sunrise into google, than the place you are in, and it will tell you exactly with time it sets/rises.

Trick 4: Recusion

If you type recursion(Recursion means to repeat itself) into you're google search, you will get the little pop up saying you spelled it wrong. And when you click on it, it just keeps coming back to the same page over and over again.

Trick 5: Food Vaules

If you type in two different foods with a vs between them, than you get the average calories, carbohydrates, etc. for each food.

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