Korea divided between North and South

September 1945- This is significant because it divided Korea into two types of government: communist and democratic. This caused a division between its people and leaders.

North Korea invades South Korea

June 24, 1950- North Korea wanted all Korea to be communist. This is significant because this even started the war. Korea was technically going to war with its selfs.

US and USSR intervene and aid South and North Korea

US and the UN both send aid to South Korea while the USSR sent aid to North Korea. USSR and the US were both fighting to control what types of governments countries had. This battle for influence eventually started the Cold War.

MacAurther Fired from Position

Truman wanted to contain the Korean war to a "limited war" and so when Truman asked MacAurther to resign, although there was brief conflict in the US over it, Truman made the right decision in firing MacAurther when he wanted to drop a nuclear bomb in North Korea.

War Ceases

Although a peace treaty was never signed, the war between communism and democracy decreases. However, soon the Cold War started up between the Soviet Union and the US as a result of their fight for power.

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