by Beth, Nate, and Matt

Scaffolding is the support given to students as they learn to carry out a task.  

Teachers should only provide as much help as the students really need.  Limit the amount of guidance provided.

Just like a child learning to ride a bike they will need more support at the begining of the task.
As the student learns teachers will provide less support.


An important aspect of Scaffolding is fading which is gradually decreasing the amount of help that teachers provide.

Students are now working independently, as teachers are still constantly montioring the situation.
Teachers should ask questions that constantly test the students state of mind

When did you first run into trouble?

Can you show me the part that's hard?

How it applies to the classroom.

Evidence of Student Growth

We thought that teachers could use this technique by tracking how often and what types of questions they were asking in class.  You could start by being observed on a typical day then implement your questions techniques and track the number and types of questions you were asking throughout each week.  Then get observed again at the end of the 6 weeks and see if you spend more time asking questions than answering questions.

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