Dominic Cerino III
8/11/57 - 5/29/13

Great Restaurateur.  Even better person.

Dominic will be missed.

Trained by the Culinary Institute of America and educated at Baldwin Wallace College, Dominic was a man who had many talents -- and allowed his friends and greater community to experience them each day.  He was a talented restaurateur -- with his family's restaurant, Carrie Cerino's, operating as a staple in North Royalton and Cleveland's southern suburbs in general.  Later, Dominic went on to run foodservice for a local university and opened up other restaurants as well.

But to many others, Dominic was much more than that.  He was a friend, mentor, father, and leader.  While most would agree that Dominic's life ended far too soon, he will certainly be remembered and revered by those who know him best.

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