Cookie Project

By: Erin Hyer

2.02 Basic Cookies

Drop Cookies

Rolled Cookies

Icebox Cookies

Molded Cookies

Bar Cookies

Pressed Cookies

Achieving a Crispy Cookie

Crisp cookies are made with using white sugar, honey, or molasses as a sweetner for the cookies.


The type of fat used in cookies can change the texture. For example, butter makes your cookies spread more and more brown.

Safety and Sanitation

Safety and sanitation are very important things. You must wash your hands before you begin cooking. Do not touch ready to eat foods. As for safety, watch out for hot pans. If you are carrying a hot pan make sure to worn others in your kitchen.


Take the cookies off of the sheet pan and place them on a cooling rack. Remember not to touch the cookies coming out of the oven. Put on gloves.


Once cooled place cookies in an air tight container. Can be room temperature for a couple of days. Then place them in the freezer. they can last up to a couple of months in the freezer. Do not store in the refrigerator.

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