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Weird dude with long nose so long that he could smell better than a dog.

1. What I took when no one was looking.

When no one was looking I found about 100 dollars in one of my dad's drawers when I was 8. No one had suspected a thing I felt like a master thief. But then my dadfound out about an hour after and I got grounded.

As you can see this baby is adorably mad.

What I look like when I'm angry.

Whenever I get angry I start to crack my knuckles as if I were going to hit someone. One time I got so angry that I said I hate you to my mom (did not mean it though) and I hit her and she slapped me. (by the way I was about 5 years old)

As you can see this kid is filthin rich just like i will be in ten years for being an awesome actor.

What I'll be in ten years from now.

In ten years I imagine myself being an actor because I love to present. Also i would love to be an actor beacause I can remember lines easily, you can become super famous, and you can make a ton load of cash.

In my poopy car I imagine having this car above.

What I think about when I'm driving in my car.

Whenever I'm in my car I imagine myself driving an even better car, for example, this Ferrari with butterfly windows. If I had that I would get all the babes.

This lady has a golden shield and her helmet is super awesome.

What I sing when I think no on is listening.

Whenever I'm singing I star to sing different types of songs. I would sing old rock and today's hit music. And then people start to laugh because I guess it's terrible. But what I think is that I sing beautifully and they are all just peanut butter and jealous.

I was born in Los Angeles on August 8th, 2001

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