Ava Dillard

The highest point in my state is Magazine Mountain.Its elevation is 2,753 feet above sea level.It is bordered by the following states Louisiana,Mississippi,Missouri,Oklahoma,Tennessee,and Texas.The capitol of my state is Little Rock. Little Rock has a population of 2,959,373. Other major cities in my state include Conway, Hot Springs, and El Dorado. The state flower of Arkansas is Apple Blossom. The state bird is a Mockingbird. My state motto is Regnat Populus. Famous people in my state are Bill Clinton, he is known for being the 42nd president of the United States. Dale Bumpers is also famous in Arkansas he is known for the Charleston lawyer rose from obscenity in 1970. And of course Hattie Caraway is know for that she moved to Jonesboro with her husband,Thad,in 1902. If you visit Arkansas,you should really see these attractions! The first attraction is Hot Springs. Hot Springs is described as hot springs in the of intrest to people. Attraction # 2 Buffalo National River Buffalo National River is an unpolluted,free-flowing river. Arkansas became a state in 1836. It was the 25th state to join the union.Arkansas is the 29th biggest state in the USA. It has 75 counties. A dinosaur fossil was found there and named it Arkansaurus.