European Explorer

by Eleissa

It was the year 1525 when I decided to go to another land to find resources to help my people out and make us more powerful.

"My majesty it is I Theodore Smith and I've come to ask for your approval to sail to another land to find resources for your people and make us the most powerful land in the entire world!"

"Where are you coming from young sir, I must make sure no one is sabotaging my land to make it their own." John Cabot said yelling

"I'm from Europe your-your majesty I promise, I've come to do no harm." Theodore Smith said hesitating

"John Cabot has maid his decision sir, you must report to his castle at noon for a brief meeting." said Mr. Nile

I-I, I made it, yes! Now I get to help my country! "You must pack your belongings and start sailing by tomorrow." Tomorrow morning, 10:55. "Young sir I would like it if you get gold, wealth, and power. "But your majesty I believe that it is only right to get you more territory, wealth, and power." "No,no,no,no, I want what I said not what you think is best for me!" As Theodore Smith was leaving he had to decide where he wanted to go, so then he chose the Southern Hemisphere of North America because it was warm, had a lot of fruits, and it was on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Once we got there we noticed the french were here and they wanted more territory too. They were in the Northern hemisphere of North america, so when we both met things didn't go so good. The French were searching for territory to claim so they can be powerful. I knew what I needed to do, I needed to fight back but once I was about to begin I got a terrible message and this is what it said, Sir I am sorry to inform you but John Cabot has recently got murdered by the Spanish and they took his most prized possessions. Boom! that's what I heard when I fell after hearing that terrible tragedy. When I returned back to my village,I told everyone that I couldn't get the territory, wealth, and power. Everyone was smiling and some were even in a standing ovation. They were saying your a hero and you did a very good job son. "Why are you saying this to me?" That was all I was thinking about in my head. Then one lady asked me "what did you go through when you were there?" I said "Enemies, disease, and lack of food and water." Although I didn't get what I thought was best for us I still got to be the new king.

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