Spring Break

This Spring Break, my family and two other families went and stayed in downtown Seattle. While we were there, the girls went shopping, and the guys went and played golf.

A part of our trip in Seattle was being at Pikes Place. While we were there we went into the little shop area and we saw the fish being thrown around from person to person. As we kept walking we made our way down to the gum wall, which was pretty gross.

This is my family. Except for my oldest brother Parker who wasn't with us at this time.

This is my horse Seamus, and a huge throwback to our jumping days. This picture was taken right before him and I went into the 3 foot jumps and I got thrown off.

These are my two best friends, and we're all three together 24/7.

The last day of spring break I went on a hike with some family friends, and we were up in the mountains for most of the day. My family spends most of our time outdoors from playing sports and just loving nature.

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2 years ago

@AHam24 great job getting featured!

2 years ago

I went to seattle pike place over spring break too