Civil War

Robert Said

I'm a civil war soldier, I was with the  wearing my union a blue uniform, I'm from Virginia. Fought in many battles such as the battle of bull run and the battle of Vicksburg with the battle of Gettysburg.   My life at home was easy before I came to the battles, now I am a survivor.  I only have 2 brothers wishing that I had a sister. I was forced to join the army, I had no choice but to go with it.  I am 20 years old.  My life at home was okay and normal, but everything changed when I joined the battles. Although I have been through thick and thin ice! I wasn't worried because I knew that I'm coming home safely.  Although I wasn't athletic because I'm 20 years old I still had hope that I will survive the battles.


Tori: Hello Robert!. I am 19 years old and I am a chief cook and bottle washer.

Robert: Hello Tori! I am 21 and I am a fresh fish.

Tori: Hey! Me too!

Robert: Wow! Bully!

Tori: We are both hunkey dory!

Tori: I am a little scared to be fighting out on the field.

Robert: My bread basket is turning because of the battle.

Robert: Earlier I ate some bad goobers.

Tori: Do you think you might have to take a quick step? Or is it just the nerves about the battle?

Robert: Its about the battle.

Tori: Well if you take a quick step, you will be fit as a fiddle.

Robert: Ok, thanks for the tip possum.

Tori: Well, while we are waiting for the battle to start, wanna play some cards that my mother sent me?

Robert: But first, let me put my pepperbox down.

Tori: Ok, lets start.

Robert: Black jack sounds fun to me!

(the two play for a while)


Robert: No i am not!


Robert: Ok, I was bluffing…;

Tori: Wait, lets follow the greenhorns. The battle is starting.

Robert: Ok, I’m not nervous anymore. I finally have a friend.

Tori: Neither am I. I am as snug as a bug.


Our camp was tough.  We had to wake up and observe the other teams moves.  We had to eat nothing but hard bread which sometimes had worms in it.  We often get sick from it, or sometimes die.  We gambled a lot for fun and played a lot of games when we were bored.

tack 4

When I chose to stay home, it was because my mother was ill and that it will be devastating for her for both of her sons to leave.

looking back something that I am really proud of is joining the army because I was worried because I didn't hear from my brother for a year.

tack 5

Our camp was tough. We had to wake up and observe the other teams moves. We had to eat nothing but hard bread which sometimes had worms in it. We often get sick from it, or sometimes die. We gambled a lot for fun and played a lot of games when we were bored.  We raced lice that's how bored we were, but this helped us pass time.  We ate Hardtack, its not good but it did help end our hunger.

tack 6

I am a little boy (dooda dooda)

fighting in the civil war (a da dooda de)

I am only 20 years (dooda dooda)

I am only 20 years (a da dooda de)

hoorah hoorah *2

tack 7

Some injuries I witnessed was a lot of people got shot! a lot died as well.  The most was at the hip joint 83% died,  then the knee 57% died from shots in the knee. Then the thigh 54% died, the ankle the death rate was 25%.  Also on the upper arm the death rate was 23%,  Those are the most common places.  Also,  they died from eating hardtack because sometimes they had worms in them.  Surprisingly they also died from pink eye and diarrhea.

tack 8

My life at the Civil War was an adventure,  waking up, socializing with other soldiers, eating hardtack with them.  all the experiences.  Not all were good, some bad.  The miracle of me still being alive.  all the things I witnessed, and the fights I've been in.  A soldiers life in the Civil War was not easy. Most of the time we were really bored and really stressed.  However, now its all over and I'm going home and living the rest of my life in piece.

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