Levels of Organization


Cells are the basic building unit of life, structure and, function.


1. A Euglena is made up of one cell.

2. Humans are made up of many animal cells.

3. A plant is made up of plant cells.


Tissues are made up of cells that are alike and they work together and have a specific role in the body.


1. Bone tissue

2. Blood tissue

3. smooth muscle tissue


Organs are made up of two or more tissues and have a important role in the body.


1. stomach

2. brain

3. large intestine

Organ Systems:

A group of organs working together to complete certain jobs.


1. human respiratory system

2. cardiovascular system in humans

3. plant root system


An organism is made up of organ systems working together.


1. Frog

2. humans

3. amoeba

The alike cells form tissue. Two or more tissues form together to create organs and the organs make groups the perform special jobs. All of the organs work together and form organisms. If a part of the organization level was taken away no one would be able to live. We need all of these components to work together and create a organism.