Fresh and Healthy vending machines @ Saddle Ridge
By: Devin Bradley

How many machines should we have?

~ I think we should have three machines. We should have three machines that way the one doesn't get crowded there's plenty to go around.

What kinds of healthy snacks would you like to see in your vending machines?

Cliff Bar, Pop chips, Baked fries, Watermelon Strawberry Juice

What should these snacks cost?

I think these snacks should cost $1.00 at the most. the reason i think this is because its reasonable and its what the stuff in school store costs.

Where should the machines be located?

There should be one upstairs, one in the lunchroom, and one downstairs with the little kids. That way there are plenty of machines spread out that way it's fair.

When should students be able to use the machines?

They should only use the machines with a teachers approval that way they're just not skipping class.

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