Anchent Egypt

by A.Simmons

Daily life

Daily life in Anchent Egypt would go some thing like this: Wake up,get ready, go to work(if u were a farmer you would farm, if u were a slave you would have various tasks like building a pyromid, if it so happend that u worked for the pharaoh you would really be put to work) come home at about 7:00,eat, get redy for bed, sleep till dawn(6:00).

Nile River

The Nile River is 4,130 miles long, ancient Egyptian life depended on the nile river, the ancient Egyptians called the nile river the Great River.


Only kings and people of other high authority or the rich would be mummified. people of the lower classes would be buried in the sand on the outside of the dessert.


The Ancient Egyptians had a religion called pollyetism,witch meant they worshiped many gods. The gods caused night and day, harvest, light and dark,and if they didn't who would?


Anchent Egypt geography is fassanating. It is split into two lands the red land and the black land. The black land was on the edge of the nile were there was fertile soil, and the red land was just all desert.


The pyramids were man made,Still around today and still hold alot of importace.

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