The Invention Of Hugo Cabret

A Project by Edana J.

This is the book The Invention Of Hugo Cabret, by Brain Selznick. This story is told in 3rd person. This is a story about an orphaned boy who lives in the walls of A train station in Paris, France. He steals from a toy shop to rebuild a robot man that his dad worked on before he passed away, but gets caught and has to work for the man. Soon, he befriends a girl names Isabelle, who stays with the man. They both try to fix the robot, and eventually they do. It paints the cover of a movie, and something else, which you will have to read to find out!

I would recommend this book to a friend because it's very descriptive. Most of the book is pictures, but it's very interesting


The 3 main characters are Hugo Cabret, Isabelle, and Georges Méliès. All of these characters had an important part; Hugo, building the robot, Isabelle, having the key, and Georges, being more then meets the eye. The two supporting characters are Etienne and Mama Jeanne.

Three Important Parts

I believe the 3 important parts in the story is when Hugo gets caught stealing a windup mouse. The second is when he fixes the machine, and then when they go to a magic show.


I believe the theme of the story is it's not bad to shoot for the stars, and give it your all.

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