Self-Reflection Jordan Goebel

A Brief Summary of my Career Assessments

My Career Cluster Areas

My Top Matching Career Areas Included:

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism deals with showing people a good time wherever they go. They get to be in charge of  what the people get to see, but they have to also have to be able to listen very well to others, Making people happy is there main purpose.

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

With the Law, Public Safety, Correction and Security you get to work in all kinds of situations.  From dealing with kids who end up in a correctional facility, to keeping the streets clean as a police officer.  You could be in charge of protecting certain people, so you always have to be on the look out.

Architecture and Construction

In the Architecture and Construction field you have to be able to visualize objects and projects in your mind. Did you know the you get to work with tools, objects, and numbers all day? And if you like to create models or make designs then this is one of the best jobs that I can think of.

My Key Interest Areas - IRS

I - Investigation people like work activities that include ideas and THINKING more than with physical activity.

Investigation people are THINKERS. You would prefer analyzing or intellectual activities like studying, investigating, reading, evaluating, and solving problems. Instead of working with people or things, you would rather work with ideas.

R - Realistic people like work activities that have HANDS-ON problems and solutions.

Realistic people love to work with their HANDS. You enjoy working with plants, animals, and real-world materials, like machinery, tools, and wood. You love to be outside, you try to be outside most of the time. Often, you do not like jobs that consist of paperwork or working with other people.

S - Social people like certain activities that HELP OTHER PEOPLE and encourage learning and personal development.

Social people love to HELP OTHERS. You love to interact with different types of people by helping, counseling, teaching, or being in any kind of favor to others. People that have social interests usually would be more partial to work with others opposed to work with objects, data, or machines.

Careers I would consider include:

  • Geographer
  • Chef and Dinner Cook
  • Social and Human Service Assistant

My Personality Traits - ISFJ

I - Introverted people really don't like to get out much. You tend to be pretty quiet, at peace and more cautious and don't like social interactions. They would rather read a book for enjoyment while others (Extroverts) would like to dance for enjoyment. You would prefer hanging out with a few friends instead of going to a big party. However, Introverts love to think and invent things too.

S - Sensing people have a great mind when it comes to processing data. You are focused on what is happening right here, right now. You deal a lot wit facts and use your five senses to process your information. We like to see things as they are, and are really concrete when it comes to thinking. You are great at noticing details and are always aware of your surroundings.

F - Feeling people have many things to deal with decision thinking. If you are a Feeling person, you are instinctive and make decisions based on your principles and values. Your end up doing what your heart tells you to rather than what your head says. Your judges on someone else would be formed on feelings and without much detail. You are very caring, warm, passionate, and driven by emotions.

J - Judging people (for those that don't know) are not "judgmental". If you're a Judging person it just means that you like order. They would hope that things were prearranged, that things have been planned and settled. You would also like organization and you think continuously. You prefer to complete tasks quickly, good at finishing things, and like to see closure.

Careers I would consider include:

  • Artist
  • Human Resources
  • Researcher
  • Interior Decorator
  • Police Officer

My Strongest Skill Areas

My Strongest Skill Areas include:
  • Dependability  -- Working in a reliable and responsible manner.
  • Performing -- Interacting with others to entertain or sell.
  • Rapid Response -- Moving quickly and correctly between two different activities.
  • Discomfort Tolerance -- Working in unpleasant environmental conditions.
  • Listening -- Listening to what people are saying and asking questions.

Careers I would consider include:

  • Precision Assemblers
  • Chef
  • Construction Helper
  • Geographic Information Systems Specialist
  • Carpenter

My Work Value Locator

My Most Important Work Value Locator include:

  • Achievement
  • Support
  • Recognition
  • Working Conditions
  • Relationships

Careers I would consider include:  

  • Geographic Information Systems Specialist
  • Social Human Service Assistant
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Construction Manager
  • Chefs and/or Dinner Cook

What I Learned About Myself

By completing the assessments I learned the following about myself:

    I have come to see that I really like many different types of careers.  I use to have a strong hold on doing something with art when I grow up.  However, I feel that now I should let that just be one of my hobbies.  I know that for me it would be hard to get into a field with art because there are so many more talented out there than I.  I have decided that I will start a different path to a career that I will love and benefit from in the future.

        I have learned that I will have to, at least, take three to four more years of  college to get one the jobs that I have listed previously.  It may not be easy , some it may be boring, but I believe at the better side of things.   Like making new friends at college, becoming more in depth with a career I'm perusing, and just experiencing the college life.  I have learned that I'm an Introvert, but I bet the other side of me will come out eventually.

"Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world...if you do so, you are insulting yourself."
- Bill Gates

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