College Career Project



  • Environment = Metropolis
  • Majors = Biology, Liberal arts, Business/Commerce, Geology (I Love "ROCKS")
  • Motto in English = Cultivated mind is the guardian genius of democracy  
  • UT is known for its architecture. Like Miss Percy said,"

    UT is famous for its "Spanish Renaissance" architecture, so the buildings on campus (in general!) look very similar and are very nice. The classroom space ranges from large lecture halls to small seminar rooms, and the lab space (where I spent a great deal of time when I was in college) was really nice."

Academic And Social Life Reputation

  1. UT is ranked 45th in the nation academically
  2. Famous personalities have graduated or have gone to UT for example *(Micheal Dell)*, Laura Bush and many others.
  3. Dental School Ranked number one in the world in 2008
  4. It has its own newspaper (The Daily Texan),Radio Station, TV Channel
  5. One of the largest Greek Life in the whole state

Traditions and Special Programs

The Eyes of Texas the official song of UT

Gone to Texas is a annual celebration on the night before classes begin welcomes new students

Explore UT the biggest open house in Texas everyone is invited to learn and explore the campus

UT is also famous for its nursing and medical program and is recognized internationally with many other universities.

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Academic And Social Life Reputation

  • 1st in national Institutes of health funding for aging research
  • Dental school was ranked one of the highest overall the world
  • Academic services are also provided in which college students give tutoring to other college students. Like my cousin said,"all the professors have certain office hours and when you want to go to tutoring or need assistance UTSA has a section in the library where they can help you with anything."

Traditions and Special Programs

  1. Howdy Rowdy Bash is an annual welcome party back to UTSA this party started in 1995
  2. UTSA is also famous for its ROTC program and the leadership oppurtunities
  3. Golf Cart Parade is one the unique traditions that the school has in which students get involved during home coming week by decorating carts and participating in the parade its self
  4. UTSA Mascot the road runner has been the UTSA mascot since 1977



  • The male female ratio is equal
  • The school is located in  a metropolis area
  • student/faculty ratio is 23:1

Academic And social Life Reputation

  1. The school is laid out into five main areas
  2. There is a library only dedicated to music
  3. offers 300 degree programs, 112 bachelors, 131 masters and, 54 research doctorates.
  4. It is the most diverse college in all of Texas
  5. It is known for its Art Programme



  • This is university and a hospital located in Pakistan Karachi
  • Annual Fees structure is around $10,000
  • This is a private college
  • It has the biggest medical and nursing school in all of Asia

Academic And Social Life Reputation

  • AKU is recognized in three different continents
  • AKU is a (NGO) most of the student receive free education based on there merit
  • AKU has its own sports complex which is built with in the university AKYSB (Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board) conduct Josh games in which any athlete can participate from Pakistan and they compete in AKU sports complex

Traditions And Special Programs

  1. AKU provides both graduate and post graduate program
  2. AKU is known for its nursing program
  3. AKU is affiliated with many international colleges For example: University Of Texas at Austin and University of Cambridge (UK)
  4. AKU just launched its kidney transplant program
  5. AKU has won many international and national Awards For its architecture.


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