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Australian stereotypes and Voices

1. What is a stereotype? What are two Australian stereotypes that you have learned about and how accurate are they in your opinion?

A stereotype is a generalisation that a specific group of people contain the same qualities. Stereotypes can group people because of their race, gender and nationality and can often lead to forms of discrimination. An Australian stereotype is something that we are 'known for'. One stereotype is that we all have family BBQ's cook some snags. Although this is a common lifestyle, it is stereotyping everyone in this group. Another stereotype is that we ALL LOVE VEGEMITE. Just because vegemite was made in Australia, people seem to think we eat it all the time!

2. How can stereotypes be damaging to a person or a group?

A stereotype can be damaging because it can lead to discrimination to a certain race or gender for maybe 'not fitting it' with the stereotype. People need to be careful when they generalise a large group because individuals may feel negative about themselves. It can be damaging mentally to a person. The media only reinforces these stereotypes and we are then made to think that they are true. Day to day we often treat people based on incorrect stereotypes and don't even stop to question it.

3. Find examples of three different Australian Accents. Which accent do you feel that have and why? What does this reveal about you and your background?

The three different types of Australian accents are the BROAD, the GENERAL and the CULTIVATED. I feel that I have a general Australian accent because I don't use much slang or do I formally address myself. This shows that both my parents have influenced the way I speak which is a general accent, this is because they have influenced me with their own accents.

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2 years ago

Good work! Some great points made about stereotypes but I would suggest that you use specific examples from the media to back yourself when you are describing them. Maybe looking for an advertisement that suggests we all love Vegemite?