Dylan Marshall

March 24, 2015
Memory Moment

Reading the first few pages of the book, the character has a memory moment. She talks about her ex best friend is not friends with her anymore. "This was the girl who suffered through Brownies with me, who taught me how to swim, who understood about my parents, who didn't make fun of me bedroom." "Her eyes meet mine for a second. I Hate you, she mouths." Everybody hates her because everyone was busted, she was the one who called the cops at the party.

March 25, 2015
Again and Again

The author keeps bringing up that Melinda did called the cops at the party, but the author keeps bringing up that their was a reason that she called the cops throughout the beginning of the book. she didn't try to bust everyone. She says "I cant tell them what really happened." something terrible must have happened to her, that's why she called the cops. I wonder how long in the book we will find out what happened to Melinda.

March 25
Aha Moment

Melinda's teacher, Mr Freeman, is trying to get Melinda to turn the name of an object into a piece of art. Melinda has a tree, but she tried to put it back and get another one. He stopped her and said she couldn't pick another one. I think he believes in Melinda's ability to make a piece of art. He said "You must figure out how to make your object say something, express an emotion, speak to every person who looks at it. As the book goes on, He sees how shes improving on making some true art pieces.

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