Without Cobalt and Iodine...

By:Harini Lenin 4th Period



-Combined with Tungsten,and other metals on the periodic table it can make a cutting tool.This is called an alloy.

-Used in dental and surgical situations due to stability

-Cobalt magnet are used in electonical devices,machines,speakers,etc

What would happen without it???????????????

Cobalt 60 is a major source of gamma rays.Those are used in cancer treatment.Without it,cancer treatment would falter slightly.The amount of alloys would also differ.No joint replacements or dental replacements would be available.Alloys of cobalt are used in gas-turbines.We wouldn't have those either.Tablets and iPhones would no longer be available .Radioactive cobalt 60 is used to preserve food in some countries.That would also no longer be an option.It also forms part of vitamin B12.Adios,vitamin B12.Cobalt salt is also given to prevent mineral deficiency for some animals.Now where would that go?As you can see,Cobalt is very important to our life.We don't want that to dissapear anytime soon.


-Siver iodine is used as principle light system for photographic film

-The solution of iodine and alcohol is used as first aid.Nowadays,people use iodophors,a complex iodine Soulotion more often

-Iodine deficiency can be harmful to growth.Therefore,sometimes potassium or sodium iodine is put in table salt.

Without it???????????????????

Humans need iodine to function.It is needed for the normal metabolism of cells.It is needed for nutrient.It is also needed for normal thyroid function.

Side Effects of no Iodine

*lack may cause goiter or hypothyroidism


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