getting started with scipop

Einstein's image was famous when he was alive, and his image has had an even bigger life in the years after his death in 1955!  For assignment #1 we'll curate a collection of these images, and consider them individually and as a group. [See the instructions in the week 1 module at our canvas class site.]

1. The first task for this assignment is finding an Einstein image and using it in your post. (Embed the link to the image in the post, or add at the end of your post.)

2. The second task is to then develop your commentary.

3. Don't forget to add your tags -- click on the arrow at the top right, then click on options, and in the "tackkboards" section add these tags: hsci2133 fall 16; einstein post; and profpandora@ou.

4. Be sure to make the tackk public -- otherwise we won't be able to see it!

[ The image above is from an Einstein meme-generator. Here's the link -- if you ever need him to say a few words for you, now you know where to find him! Einstein Chalkboard Dynamic Image Generator. ]

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