China Profile

Country Name-





1.357 billion (2013)

Type of Government-

Communist state

Leader’s Name-

Xi Jinping

Type of Economy-

socialist market economy

Type of Currency-


Currency compared to the dollar-

0.16 US dollars

Country’s GDP per capita-

6,807.43 USD (2013)

Country’s GDP Rank in the World-

9.24 trillion (2013)

Literacy Rate-

95 percent ( 2009)

Life Expectancy M/F-

75.20 years

Official Language-

Standard Mandarin

3 Tourist Attractions (Give description on what you can do there)-

Grate wall of China, Temple of Haven, Terracotta Amy.

3 Important Historical Events that happened in this country (Give date and explanation on what happened:1)

The wall of China was built in (46 BC- 221 BC)2) the Terracotta Army built in (201-209BCE)3)The Temple of heaven ( Ad1420)

Current Event (What is an issue taking place in the country today)

A current event that takes issue in China today is there one child policy that is were parents can only have one child. Because of this mostly girls are being killed, left in parks or sent to adoption places.

Do you feel your country’s economy is successful-

I think that China's economy is successful because they have a pretty hight GDP.

What is one company located in your country-
Bank of Communications

Describe what this company does-

The company is a bank in China.

What could your country do to improve their economy-
They could let family's have more then one kid because then their people will be more people.

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