Pyramus and Thisbe


Pyramus and Thisbe were madly in love.  Parents forbid their marriage.  They live in rooms next to each other with one wall separating them.  There was a small hole in the wall that they whispered to each other through.  They finally fight back and decide to run away together.  They planned to meet at a Mulberry tree.  Thisbe arrived first.  She waited quite a while for Pyramus to arrive.  Then a lioness came by with blood stained teeth Thisbe ran to forest but drops her cloak on the way.  Pyramus finds it torn to shreds and covered in blood.  He thinks Thisbe has been killed so he decides to join her and spills his blood.  Thisbe returns to try and find her lover, but finds him dying on the ground.  She then spills her blood to be with him.  Mulberry berries turn from white to red from the blood spilled by the lovers.

Moral Lesson

Make sure you know the facts before you act.


The blood spilled by the lovers stained the Mulberry tree's white berries red.


Romeo and Juliet

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