By: Jessica Rhorer

What is codominance?

  • Codominance is an instant inside the DNA where both genes are expressed.
  • Each organism receives alleles from their parents. There is a dominant allele and a recessive allele. In codominance  both alleles are expressed, where usually the dominant allele would only be expressed.
  • With both of the alleles equally strong, they are both expressed in the phenotype.
  • As well both of the alleles are visible in the hybrid genotype.
  • With both expressed the results of an organism look very interesting, there can be a clash of many colors in an animal.

Traits Expressed:

  • Some traits expressed in animals particularity could be different colors of their coats.  
  • Such as chickens when white chickens are crossed with black chickens, the result is a chicken with both black and white feathers.
  • In humans when a person has the blood type AB it is an example of codominance. Both alleles are expressed.


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