Solution- The case of LeBron's missing lucky socks.

Drew and I walked into the visitors locker room because one of the fans said, "the guy who had the hoodie on went into the visitor's locker room." When we walked in, the Lakers were coming out. So, we searched each and every locker until we decided to go look somewhere else. Right when we were about to leave the room, Drew saw something out of the corner of his eye. He said, "Will, come here, I see something!" We both went over to the spot where he said he saw it. Sure enough, it was the sweatshirt with the hoodie that we had seen and it was on top of Steve Nash's locker. It smelled worse than a pig after he had rolled around in mud around his locker, so we lifted the sweatshirt and there were the socks. We had done it! We had solved the mystery. Steve Nash had stolen the socks. Drew and I ran as fast as we could over to LeBron and gave him his lucky socks. He thanked us and immediately changed into his lucky socks. Steve Nash got in big trouble and had to sit out the entire game. LeBron ended up scoring 30 points, 2 blocks, 6 assists, and 4 steals. The Heat won the game with a score of 87-69. LeBron and the team headed home and were one game closer to winning another NBA title.