Being Careful is Sometimes Not Enough

How can you contract HIV or AIDS?

Did you know that "1.1 million” of the United States of America’s population is infected with the HIV virus and almost “1 in 6 people (15.8%)” are unaware of their infection? People don't usually think about the impact of HIV in our society. The presence of this virus is increasing with time and we should lower the risks of transmission while we can. Here are some ways of infection that will help you prevent the contraction. First of all, any body fluids can contain HIV. Blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, breast milk, vaginal fluids and rectal mucous are the fluids that can present enough of the virus to contaminate another person. This means that HIV can be transmitted by sexual contact such as oral, vaginal and anal that is not protected by condom. But it can also be contracted during childbirth, breastfeeding, infection due to drug use, occupational exposure like an healthcare worker and by blood transfusion. As you can see, HIV can be easily transmitted. However, some of your body fluids such as feces, tears, urine, nasal fluids, saliva, sweat and vomit can contain HIV but not enough to infect others unless they are mixed with some blood. To prevent contraction, you need to ask your partner to be checked by a doctor before intercourse, it's easy and you can go with him(or her). Also, always use a condom if you are not in a long term relationship. If you are pregnant, during childbirth you can take medication to prevent the transmission to your baby.  Finally, the transmission of the HIV virus is increasing too much. The awareness of the population has to be bigger if we want to make a change. If you haven’t did some tests to see if you are infected, you should go right away to prevent the infection of others. Better be safe than sorry.

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