Mobile Apps for the 21st Century Classroom

5 apps to educate students

Why I chose these APPs for today's classroom

Word Vault:

This app would be extremely useful for middle or high school students because it keeps track of words that you have looked up already. This way you have a list of words with their definitions available at your finger tips at all times.


This app is designed to give students the opportunity to practice their math skills anytime and anywhere. It gives students simple math questions that will keep them engaged in what they are playing.


Byword is an app that keeps all your writing synced to all your devices. Meaning you could starting typing your essay on your laptop and you could continue it on your phone or your Ipad.

Google earth:

This app is designed to teach all about the world we live in. Go on the app and google different places of the world and see what they look like and what is their location in the world compared to other countries or too Canada.


The iBooks app provides students with the opportunity to download all different kinds of books. Some are even free to download. iBooks is also an interesting app because students can now do  a bit of research into what books interest them and which ones they want to read

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