Battle of Fort Sumter and The Start of the Civil War

By Taylor Quiring

Main Causes of the Civil War:

* Economic and social differences between the North and the South.

* States versus federal rights.

* The question about slavery.

* Growth of the Abolition movement.

* The election of 1860

Differences between the North and the South
Abraham Lincoln in the Election of 1860.

* More States from the South seceded

* Seized federal forts, and arsenals.

* Wanted to take control of Fort Sumter while Anderson and his men were trying to protect it.

* Confederates fired upon Fort Sumter.  

*First shot was curved high in the sky and it exploded right over the fort on April 12 1861.

*Two enemies began shooting cannons.

* Went on and off for about 34 hours.

* Anderson surrendered and put up their white flag.

* South had won the battle without anyone dying.

* Since the confederates fired first they had allowed Lincoln to claim the high ground.

* The Northern states followed Lincoln. Southern states were with Jefferson Davis.

The states that seceded from the Union.

* Thought that the shooting was done, there was an accidental explosion and a man was killed in it.

* During the battle, one horse was killed, but other than that, no one was killed and they said that not enough blood was spilled to fill a thimble.

The Battle of Fort Sumter was a bloodless battle leading to the bloodiest war in America's History of wars.

Civil War.

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