Out of My Mind

By: Sharon M. Draper

  •                                                            Characters

The Main character is Melody, she is a girl who has Cerabal Palsy

Mrs. V :   She is Melody's next door neighbor who babysits Melody. She also teaches melody new things.

Catherine:   Catherine is Melody's special ED teacher at school.

Classmates:  Melody's classmates can be mean and can be very kind.

The story takes place at Melody's house and at school.

In the beginning of the story Melody  tells about her life with Cerebral Palsy. Melody has a photographic memory and nobody knows. She remembers everything that everybody says.

The Problem is that Melody cannot communicate with others. This makes Melody frustrated because she cannot tell what she feels.

Melody receives somethings called a Medi-Talker. this is a big impact on her life because now she can tell whats she is feeling. Melody will type what she wants to say and the Medi-Talker talks for her. Melody names her Medi-Talker Elvira because that is her favorite sing.

After Melody receives her Medi-Talker everyone finds out how brilliant she really is. She then is entered in the Whiz Kids Competition. Melody is the only one who got 100% on the quiz to get into the competition.

The Author's message is to overcome your challenges and to never give up.

I highly recommend this book because it is very inspirational.










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