Exploration Proposal

Samantha de Champlain

   I believe that we should explore the West. Of course, I need you, King Henry IV of France, to fund the trip. Let me explain why you should fund this exploration.


    We should explore the New World. There are many fine reasons to explore there too. First, we would get more land for France. More land equals more power for you, at least that's what I think! Don't you want that? I've heard you were looking for gold too. In that land we could strike rich with fine gold and other valuables! In addition, I will look for the Northwest Passage. There just might be a Northwest Passage where I plan to explore. The Northwest Passage will be a faster route to the East. Now think about it. More land and power, more money, and a new route to the East. What more could you ask for?

Who Will Do the Job Right?

    Me of course! I am a strong leader and will make the right decisions. In addition, I am originally from France. When I was younger, my uncle-in-law was a navigator whose ship Saint-Julien was chartered to transport Spanish troops to Cadiz. He allowed me to accompany him, so I have much experience on a boat and challenges on voyages like this exploration.

My Plan

    My plan for this exploration is to leave in the year of 1605 and have you, King Henry IV, to  fund this trip. I plan to head to Canada near the shores of the St. Lawrence River. People say that gold is often found near Quebec, and the St. Lawrence River is not too far from there. There will be food, medicine, weapons, and other necessities on the ship to bring there.


   Now, of course we will have to face some obstacles. First, Spain and England are also exploring the New World.  They are looking for gold and land, so if we find what they are looking for, they might be angered, especially if they see us exploring in the same location.  American Indians may be a big problem, especially if they don't enjoy new arrivals on their territory. Since not many people have came to the New World, unknown diseases and illnesses could be common in the area where we plan to explore.


   We can solve the obstacles we might encounter. I will try to keep my routes away from other explorers from Spain or France. If we do spot them, I will leave them alone so they won't try to hurt us, but if they do, we will fight back. For the American Indians problem, I will try to compromise with them, but there is no guarantee I won't attack. The disease and illness problem is not predictable, but treatments can be brought to the New World for diseases and illnesses that we already know of.

In Conclusion

  I believe funding my exploration trip to the New World is a good idea. More power, money, and finding the Northwest Passage are all positive things about exploring the New World. I don't know what's making you stop and think! I have already planned out my exploration trip, including obstacles we might face and their solutions. I even added reasons why this exploration is a good idea and why I am the one for the job.

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