by: Arami Azuaga 1B

1- ) What did Zeus do to become Hera´s husband?

Zeus first asked her to be his wife, she refused. Zeus created thunderstorm, changed himself into a little cuckoo, and pretending to be in distress, he flew into Hera´s arms for protection.She pitied the wet little bird and hugged it close to keep it warm, but all of a sudden shefound herself holding Zeus in her arms instead of the bird.

2- ) Why was Zeus so afraid of Hera?

Hera was very jealous wife. Even Zeus, who was afraid of nothing, feared her fits of temper.Zeus couldn´t do anything, because he was so afraid.

3- ) What did Hera do to Zeus newest bride?

Hera converted Zeus newest bride, Io, into a cow tied her to a tree and sent Argus, who had a hundred eyes, to keep watch over her. Later, Zeus sent Hermes to set Io free. Next, Hermes distracted Argus by dressing himself as a Shepard. Finally, Hermes touched Argus eyes andwith magic closed Argus´ eyes forever, Io was set free and never seen again.

4- ) What did Hera do after Argus died?

Hera took his hundred bright eyes and put them on the tail of the peacock, her favorite bird.The eyes couldn´t longer see, but they looked gorgeous, and that went to the peacock´s littlehead, and made it the vainest of all animals.

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